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Student Journey Mapping Course for Dance Studio Owners

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Focus on Your Customer Journey. Turn Students into Raving Fans. Double Your Student Intake.

In this mini course, you will learn through a case study how to create a Customer Journey Map of your own dance school.

Journey Mapping is a process to help you better understand your student's expectations and needs so you can manage them better. This map can help you identify the barriers and levers in your student's journey which then you can use to make improvements in student retention and loyalty, as well as increase sales conversion.

This is the best tool to develop a student centric business model.

This mini course is for every Dance Business Owner who wants to:

  • Improve Customer Experience Strategy.
  • Put students at the centre of everything you do.
  • Attract your Ideal Students.
  • Ensure alignment across the board.


Getting Started
- Welcome to the course!
- Customer Journey Mapping Explained
Dance Student Journey
- 7 Stages of Dance Student Journey 1
- 7 Stages of Dance Student Journey 2
- How to Map Out Your Dance Student Journey
- Dance Student Journey Map
- Exercise

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SoDance - teaching business skills to dance instructors and dance studio owners.

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Student Journey Mapping Course for Dance Studio Owners

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