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Effective Dance Teaching Course

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Improve Your Teaching Skills. Deliver Engaging Classes. Grow Your Student Base.

Transform your teaching and inspire your students.

We are confident that any Dance Instructors can elevate their teaching quality by taking our Effective Dance Teaching Course because it gives you the necessary skills you need on how best to teach social dance.

There is more to teaching than just choreographing a few dance moves and expecting your students to copy what you do. Here are some of the topics we cover in this course:

  • Dance Pedagogy
  • Lesson Planning
  • Class Management
  • Spatial Arrangement
  • Essential Teaching Skills
  • Team Teaching
  • Teaching Experienced Dancers

This course is for you if..

✓ You’re currently teaching partner dance as a Social Dance, such as Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, and so on.

✓ You’re already skilled at teaching the technical skills specific to your dance style, but want to learn more about class management, how to engage with the students, and how to create a conducive learning environment in class. You care about your students’ growth as a dancer and want to get the best out of them.

✓ You’ve been teaching social dance for quite some time now and are looking for inspirations that can reignite your passion for teaching the dance style you love so much.

✓ You aspire to be the sought-after Instructor in your dance scene who is known for your effective teaching skills and successful dance business.

This course is not for you if..

✗ You’re looking for technical skill tutorials specific to your dance style.

✗ You’re mainly teaching stage dancers, dance artists, performers, or dance exercise.

ELEVATE your teaching skills!

This course covers an Intro section plus 4 Modules of lessons with 21 videos in total. At the end of the course, you will get a 25 page info-packed WORKBOOK to guide you into action straightaway after finishing the course, also an ongoing support from your course instructor as an added bonus.


Getting Started
- Welcome to the course!
- Overview
- What is Teaching
Module 1: Essential Teaching Skills
- Observation
- Comprehension
- Communication
- Motivation
Module 2: Teaching Methods
- Whole-Part-Whole
- Deliberate Errors
- Positive Feedback
- Introducing Independence
Module 3: Application in Class
- Preparation
- Class Management
- The Lesson
- Problems Management
- Voice and Words
Module 4: General Effective Teaching
- Conditional Teaching
- Team Teaching
- Teaching Experienced Dancers
- Ageing Instructors/Students
- What Makes a Good Teacher Great
Bonus: Workbook

This is my approach to teaching that I believe can be applied to any type of social dances. These guidelines are based on my personal research and years of experience and intentional observations, from both attending and giving dance classes, that I find useful and successful in getting positive feedback from students.

Email us at for any enquiries and to be included in any updates related to this course and to the school in general.

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Effective Dance Teaching Course

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