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Build a Dream Team Course for Dance Studio Owners

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Improve Your Leadership Skills. Create a Culture of Teamwork. Grow Your Business

Hire the right people with similar values for the right roles and achieve success together.

It is time to thoughtfully design your team if...

  • This is your first time building a team for your dance studio.
  • You don't know how to create team core values.
  • You aren't sure how the team can be more productive.
  • Your people are not engaged in their work.
  • Your people are all moving in different directions.

If you want to build, support, and lead a high performing team, and create a culture of teamwork within your dance business, then this course is for you.

Building a high performing team takes time and effort. When we build a team poorly, results often include distrust, mistakes, decreased productivity, poor morale, and unhappy customers. This course offers practical ways for dance business owners to create a culture where team members thrive as they help meet the team goals.

After completing this course you’ll be able to implement the team design process to create a solid team foundation, incorporate techniques to build a high performing team, and provide team members with tools to enhance teamwork.

This course covers an Intro section plus 4 Modules of lessons with 16 videos and a 30 page info-packed WORKBOOK, which you can use to guide you into action straight away after finishing the course. And you will also get ongoing support from your course instructor as an added bonus.


Getting Started
- Welcome to the course!
- Start with the right Mindset
- Team and Leadership
Module 1: Setting Up
- Develop Your Leadership Skills
- Leadership Skills - part 2
- Designing Your Team
Module 2: Building Your Team
- Hiring Process
- Evaluating Your Team
- Leading an Effective Team
- Letting Someone Go - When and How
Module 3: Supporting Your Team
- Encouraging Better Communication
- Building Trust
- Team Building
- Giving Effective Feedback
Module 4: Preparing Your Team for the Future
- Developing Team Culture
- Evolving Your Team
BONUS: Workbook

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Build a Dream Team Course for Dance Studio Owners

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